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  • Kvitnu at Secret Thirteen Spotlight

    Here’s new Kvitnu mix on Secret Thirteen Spotlight with many new tracks from upcoming releases from Sturqen, Plaster, Matter, Kotra, Mingle and Ujif_notfound, as well as some already known pieces by Binmatu, Vitor Joaquim, Isolat Pattern, Mauri, Zavoloka, VNDL and v4w.enko. Kvitnu – Secret Thirteen Spotlight by Secret Thirteen on Mixcloud If you want to […]
  • Sturqen made podcast for Secret Thirteen

  • Sturqen podcast for SeekSickSound

    At the end of June Sturqen will perform at Les Siestes Electroniques festival in Toulouse. We asked guys from SeekSickSound to put online Sturqen podcast to prepare Toulouse audience more for their music. And here it is – you too can grab it and listen.
  • Free track from Zavoloka

    For your holidays there is a free track from Zavoloka!
  • Sturqen vs Kotra “Luz” – 26th release is out!

    In this beautiful sunny day we are happy to bring you our next release.
  • MATTER “SOLID STATE” – new Kvitnu release!

    With a new melting July morning we are happy to bring you our newest release and new artist in our family! It’s “Solid State” by MATTER from Italy.
  • KVITNU 23 – Termination Voice by Dunaewsky69 is out!

    At the end of March, and right before our third presentation on Qwartz we are excited to give you our 23rd release! It’s been two years since “Endless” by Dunaewsky69 was presented on Kvitnu, and now we have a complete new collection of tracks. A true new abstract story of unstable beats, heavy broken melodies […]
  • New release – Plaster “Double Connection” is out!

    And here’s our new, 22nd release on Kvitnu. We open this year of releases with work which is strongly connected to our last CD “Platforms” by Plaster. It’s a remix EP for one of tracks from “Platforms” – Double Connection.
  • KVITNU YEAR 2012

    A special track from Kvitnu to celebrate new year, made for you by Zavoloka. And of course you can download it for free! ;)
  • Kvitnu mixtape download at REDEFINE MAGAZINE

    REDEFINE Magazine from Seattle, USA asked us to make a Mixtape for their magazine’s website, containing tracks from Kvitnu releases. And here it is! Enjoy this small “introduction to Kvitnu” podcast http://www.redefinemag.com/music/mixtapes/mixtapes_2.php?artist=Kvitnu&id=2503
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