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  • Matter live at at Grelle Forelle, Vienna

    Matter live in Vienna. Recorded at Grelle Forelle club on 20.04.2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8jmJ9fOXrU&feature=youtu.be
  • Review for Matter “Paroxysmal” from Tartine De Contrebasse

    Le début de l’année, c’est le moment des bonnes résolutions. Et c’est décidé, j’arrête de chroniquer de l’ambient et du drone comme un rêveur, puisqu’apparemment, des fragiles trouvent qu’on en parle trop au détriment de la techno. Ben voilà, je me lance dans cet exercice périlleux et inhabituel, et vous propose une chronique techno. Le […]
  • -40% Summer Sale

    -40% SUMMER SALE! Starting today and until the autumn takes us, we give you -40% discount on everything in our shop: physical products, digital downloads, artists packs and t-shirts. Just use code word – rozkvit – on check-out to get your discount. But it is not all! In addition to this discount, every physical order will have a […]
  • Zavoloka made mix for Artelettronica – Dissonanze 03

    Listen, download, enjoy.
  • Matter “Paroxysmal” reviewed by Chain D.L.K.

    “A paroxysm got defined as an uncontrollable outburst, but also as the acme of a pathological process. In the (dim) light of such a definition, the twelve tracks of the third album by Italian producer Fabrizio Matrone aka Matter for the Ukranian imprint Kvitnu, which keeps on moving towards more and more interesting sonic directions […]
  • New review for Matter “Paroxysmal” by BeachSloth

    Matter’s “Paroxysmal” has the raw intensity of industrial meshed with unrelenting noise. Everything here positively dominates: from the aggressive stabs of sheer distortion to the heavy drums kicks. It all works. At times Matter is reminiscent of Pan Sonic at their absolute edgiest (think Pan Sonic’s first Kesto disc and you get some idea). Songs […]
  • Paroxysmal review by Frequencies

    “La vita antica fu tutta silenzio. Nel diciannovesimo secolo, coll’invenzione delle macchine, nacque il Rumore. Oggi, il Rumore trionfa e domina sovrano sulla sensibilità degli uomini. […]Noi vogliamo intonare e regolare armonicamente e ritmicamente questi svariatissimi rumori. Intonare i rumori non vuol dire togliere ad essi tutti i movimenti e le vibrazioni irregolari di tempo […]
  • Matter “Paroxysmal” – our 42nd release is out!

    Matter is one of the most accurate and advanced distortion manipulators in experimental music today. Like a real acoustic surgeon, he perfectly knows how much wrecking and sonic destruction he can slice into a track to bring it to the perfect form and the most acute shape. Matter delivers extreme but grown up sound for […]
  • Matter – Exsolution

  • Matter “Paroxysmal” – pre-orders started!

    You can already pre-order our upcoming release Matter “Paroxysmal” as CD or digital download Release date 28th of September 2015 https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/paroxysmal
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