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  • Malfinia Ensemblo on latest Wire Tapper compilation

    Track “Malfinia Ondo” by Malfinia Ensemblo from their album “Varsovia” is presented on latest issue of the Wire Tapper CD compilation, which comestogether with August 2015 issue of the Wire magazine. http://www.thewire.co.uk/issues/378
  • Malfinia Ensemblo reviewed by Chain D.L.K.

    I’m not sure if the lovely scent of sweet almonds I perceived when I took the CD off its plastic wrapping belongs to the release, but I think it’s the first time a musical release manages to hit my nose before my hearing. I’ve not tried to lick the cover, whose effective silk printed artwork […]
  • Skug reviewed Malfinia Ensemblo

    Diese fröhliche Herkunftsverschleierung muss man sich auf der Zunge zergehen lassen. »Varsofia«, die CD des Malfinia Ensembles, wurde in Warschau eingespielt und auf dem ukrainischen Label Kvitnu veröffentlicht. Die Tracks auf »Varsofia« kommen in einem Hinkebeinspanischdaher (z. B. »La Universo Estas Atomo«), die beiden dafür verantwortlichen Herren (Andi Stecher & The Norman Conquest) stammen wiederum […]
  • New sound on Kvitnu by Malfinia Ensemblo and their first album “Varsovia”

    Kvitnu is pleased to announce new artist Malfinia Ensemblo with their first album “Varsovia“! Recorded in Warsaw in late 2012, The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher came together to work on their first album quite spontaneously after sharing a tour in Europe with their individual projects. Through the common idea of creating dark, abstract, and […]
  • Varsovia pre-orders are open…

    New release in just few days… Pre-order your copy today https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/varsovia
  • Preview our upcoming release “Varsovia” by Malfinia Ensemblo.

    Intense, analogue, thrilling and diverse – in many ways a new sound for Kvitnu brought by new artists on label – widening territory of our sonic experiments. Enjoy the teaser!
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