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  • Great review for “Kallista” by Chain D.L.K.

    Lovely Polish city Krakow must be really inspiring as “Kallista” (meaning “very beautiful”) is maybe the third or fourth record which is somewhat related to one of the leading center of arts and culture in Poland. The involved artists, Kotra, Zavoloka and Dunaewsky69, got so stricken by its mysterious beauty during a visit in early […]

    Today we bring you our newest release with music from a big project created this year by three Kvitnu artists¬† KOTRA, ZAVOLOKA and DUNAEWSKY69. And a name for their work is “KALLISTA”.
  • Kvitnu weekend! 19.10.2012

    Zavoloka live -> at Divadlo29, Pardubice, CZ Kotra live -> at Unsound, Krakow, PL See you there! http://www.divadlo29.cz/10_12.htm#c6 http://unsound.pl/en/festival/program/schedule/2012
  • Zavoloka, Kotra and Dunaewsky69 in Oscylator Ensemble

    On Sunday, February 26th, Kvitnu artists Zavoloka, Dunaewsky69 and Kotra performed as a part of Oscylator Ensemble in Krakow Music Academy
  • Concert video – Dunaewsky69 in Krakow

    Video streaming by Ustream Here is a video from “Koncert L26” – Dunaewsky69 with Danylo Pertsow. Concert was organized by Marek Choloniewski in Krakow, during Dunaewsky69’s residency in Music Academy. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8530247  
  • Kvitnu goes to Poland!

    Friends! On 1st of February Kvitnu corporation along with its artists Kotra and Zavoloka moves to Krakow (Poland). We will work at the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Music in Krakow (SME) – http://sme.amuz.krakow.pl/ All our concert management activity is cancelled till the late Autumn 2008 or even later. Our festivals Detali Zvuku […]
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