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  • Kvitnu in TOP12 list by Indie Rock Mag

    French zine Indie Rock Mag published an interview with Dmytro Fedorenko about Kvitnu, together with other 12 best labels of the year 2011. http://www.indierockmag.com/article16910.html
  • Article about Kvitnu in “Ukrainian Culture” magazine

    Big article about KVITNU in “Ukrainian Culture” magazine. It was presented at Venice Biennale this year. Text is in English. Just click on cover and look for the article about us. http://issuu.com/culture.ua/docs/uc_1
  • Sturqen – interview and review on Dagheisha

    Sturqen are talking with Italian metal / hardcore / punk webzine Dagheisha (Text is in Italian) http://www.dagheisha.com/music_section/interviews.asp?report=573 And review for Sturqen’s “Colera” http://www.dagheisha.com/music_section/cd.asp?idus=5602
  • Kotra & Zavoloka – Interview in DJAM magazine

    Text can be found online here – http://www.djam.ua, and on printed version #4(50) May 2011
  • Inerview with Kotra for Dagheisha

    Interview with Kotra by Italian e-zine Dagheisha. http://www.dagheisha.com/music_section/interviews.asp?report=464
  • Interview and radio podcast from v4w.enko on Symbiosis

    Interview text and mp3 download is here: http://symbiosis.com.au/2010/10/17/symbiosis-64-v4w-enko/
  • Wide-Eyed Contentment..

    …from Hyperactive Robots. Article about Kotra by David MacFadyen in Far From Moscow e-zine: http://www.moscow.ucla.edu/electronic/2010/05/12/kotra/
  • 15 questions to Zavoloka…

    … from Tokafi web-zine http://www.tokafi.com/15questions/15-questions-zavoloka/
  • Endless Repetitions of Difference…

    America’s e-zine “Far From Moscow” made article about Zavoloka – “Endless Repetitions of Difference from the Ukrainian Countryside” Full article here – moscow.ucla.edu
  • Geiger magazine about Kvitnu

    After long night intervew in one of Krakow’s pubs in 2008 with Rasmus Steffensen, Danish magazine Geiger made big article about Kvitnu in issue #17. More information is here http://www.geiger.dk, but better to get this great magazine for real, if you are in Denmark of course..
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