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  • Interview with Zavoloka for Norient

    The EP Volya (Kvitnu 2014) is an exception in the work of Ukraine and now Vienna-based electronic experimentalist Kateryna Zavoloka. It is the only record so far in which she has used sampling material with a strong political connotation: field recordings from 2013 and 2014 Maidan winter revolutions in Kiev. Below is a background talk […]
  • Interview with ZAVOLOKA in Austrian PW-Magazine

    Talking Elements with ZAVOLOKA – big interview with Austrian PW-Magazine Talking Elements with ZAVOLOKA
  • Interviews with Sturqen and Binmatu

    Two interviews were published recently with our artists Binmatu and Sturqen. STURQEN – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR DIE ELEKTRISCHEN VORSPIELE http://dieelektrischenvorspiele.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/sturqen-exclusive-interview-for-die-elektrischen-vorspiele/   BINMATU – INTERVIEW FOR MUSIC STORE WEB-ZINE http://www.music-store.cz/rozhovory/jonas-gruska
  • Matter talks to The New Noise Magazine

    Forse pecco di presunzione quando affermo che il lavoro di Fabrizio Matrone (Matter) è spesso rimasto celato ai più. Perdonatemi l’affondo personale, ma qui davvero si rischiava di far cadere nel dimenticatoio un appassionato musicista che nel tempo ha trovato comunque una sua via, nonostante non frequenti i “salotti buoni” di certa musica tanto in voga […]
  • Kaeba in Mexico

    Since Kvitnu artist Kaeba is now in Mexico with his long trip, he already managed to meet some nice music people there called Noiselab, and here’s an article about him with a playlist of tracks Gianclaudio loves the most. http://noiselab.com/features/the-log-036-kaeba/
  • Interview with David Arantes

    In case you didn’t know, David Arantes of Sturqen is also a professional photography artist. Here’s an interview with him including some examples of his visual works. http://www.artceteramag.com/2013/02/issue-11-collectionsarchive-feb-2013.html
  • Interview with STURQEN for Concept Radio

    Interview with STURQEN for Concept Radio http://www.conceptoradio.net/2012/09/10/meeting-sturqen/
  • Interview with Zavoloka on Matrack Magazine from France!

    Interview with Zavoloka on Matrack Magazine from France!

    Read it here (it’s in French): http://matrack-mag.blogspot.com/2012/01/interview-zavoloka-experimentations.html  
  • Big interview with Vitor Joaquim on Bodyspace

    Text is in Portuguese, so please use Google translate ;) Read here: http://bodyspace.net/entrevistas.php?ent_id=442
  • Kvitnu in TOP12 list by Indie Rock Mag

    French zine Indie Rock Mag published an interview with Dmytro Fedorenko about Kvitnu, together with other 12 best labels of the year 2011. http://www.indierockmag.com/article16910.html
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