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  • Kvitnu weekend! 19.10.2012

    Zavoloka live -> at Divadlo29, Pardubice, CZ Kotra live -> at Unsound, Krakow, PL See you there! http://www.divadlo29.cz/10_12.htm#c6 http://unsound.pl/en/festival/program/schedule/2012
  • Vitor Joaquim performs on Sonica festival

    On 13th of October Vitor Joaquim performs on Sonica festival in Slovenia http://sonica.si/vitor-joaquim-thr3hold/
  • Upcoming live dates for Kvitnu artists

    07.09.12 -KOTRA & ZAVOLOKA at Funen artmuseum, Odense, Denmark 08.09.12 – ZAVOLOKA & KOTRA at The Morning Line, Vienna, Austria 08.09.12 – KOTRA (DJ-set) at Ostklub, Vienna, Austria 09.09.12 – KOTRA & ZAVOLOKA at The Morning Line, Vienna, Austria 13.09.12 – STURQEN at Phono festival, Odense, Denmark 14.09.12 – PLASTER at Pompei Lab, Pompei, Italy […]
  • v4w.enko at Fiber Space Festival in Amsterdam

    V4W.ENKO will open the night programme with an audiovisual performance based on a robotic system of algorithms, that creates an abstract space of sound and visual textures. By manipulating the parameters of the system he adds a human feature which results in a beautiful effect. FIBER is very proud to announce that V4W.ENKO will collaborate […]
  • ZAVOLOKA at THE MORNING LINE in Vienna in June 2011

    On June 7, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (T-B A21), the Vienna based foundation for contemporary art founded by Francesca von Habsburg, will inaugurate The Morning Line – its most ambitious public art project to date. A four-day Festival for Contemporary Music Composition featuring 27 sound artists and nine new compositions, specially conceived for the pavilion’s sonic […]
  • Zavoloka at NetAudio fest (video)

  • Kotra at NetAudio fest (video)

  • Kotra – Washington live show review

    High-pitched to the point of absolutely devastating your eardrums, Kotra’s music might hardly be considered music at all if it wasn’t for how amazingly well-arranged and sonically-diverse it is. Take amusement in the fact that the works of this Ukranian electronic artist, also known as Dmytro Fedorenko, melted three speaker parts and possibly temporarily incapacitated […]
  • Kvitnu at Netaudio festival in Berlin

    We are invited to present Kvitnu at Netaudio Festival in Berlin. Along with participation in Netaudio Fair we are also invited for a Netlabel Showcase with two performances from Kotra and Zavoloka in famous and great club Maria on 9th of October. More information should appear on festival’s site: http://www.netaudioberlin.de/

    And again, we are invited by great team of C/O POP festival to EUROPAREISE conference. We will present our KVITNU FEST there. Check out the full list of this year’s invitees (some good name you can find) http://www.c-o-pop.de/festivals.2387.html
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