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  • Fresh review to “Sokyra”

    “Kotra vs Edward Sol find rhythms with harsh walls of noise on the raw machine grit of “Sokyra”. Representing an interesting mixture of power electronics, industrial funk, and dance, the songs unfold with jagged distorted grooves. By far the most compelling thing about the entire collection is the adherence to unusual textures, ones that feel so simple yet […]
  • A story behind Sokyra

    In January 2014 Ukraine was in fire of revolution. Central streets of it’s capital Kyiv were in flames, police violence reached it’s absurd maximum, people stopped waiting for a peaceful miracle and started real fight. Terms like Molotov cocktail, gas grenade or rubber bullets very fast became a part of everyday conversation. And Sokyra is […]
  • Collaboration between Kotra and Edward Sol is out today!

    Please welcome our new release KOTRA vs EDWARD SOL – SOKYRA A short story of two gentlemen traveling in a car to a riot streets with a trunk full of explosives, gas masks and other special goods, discussing wether they should take a sharp old axe with them or not. In Ukrainian Sokyra means hatchet […]
  • We open pre-orders of upcoming release.

    Kotra vs Edward Sol “Sokyra” Available as 12″ black vinyl or download. https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/sokyra Sokyra by Kotra vs Edward Sol
  • Preview upcoming collaboration release between Kotra and Edward Sol

    In November we will release a collaboration of two music extremes – Kotra and Edward Sol. Both represent tripple distilled real Ukrainian non-compromise sound attitude. These two definitely should have done music together years before, but later is anyway better then never! To be released as 12″ vinyl.
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