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  • The Sound Projector about Kallista – The best way to travel!

    Here is an exotic Eastern European electronic-errr, some sort of luridly packaged three-way hymn to Krakow. It is not sponsored by the city fathers, as far as I can tell, but there is some university connection in there. 24 tracks in just over an hour, alternating between the three artists, although there’s not much to […]
  • “Termination Voice” also nominated for Qwartz Awards!

    And BANG!!! We just got more news from QWARTZ Jury! ANOTHER KVITNU RELEASE GOT NOMINATED THIS YEAR! EP “TERMINATION VOICE” by Dunaewsky69 is nominated for QWARTZ ELECTRONIC MUSIC AWARDS in category The Best Album/EP! Please visit this page and vote for this release: http://qwartz.fr/2013/02/11/qwartz-9-categorie-albumep/


    Exactly 6 years ago, on December 25th 2006, we had our very first release on Kvitnu. After six years we already have 27, and each one is a killer! Six years ago we only had two artists on label, today we have 11 in our family! We started as Ukrainian label, today we also have […]

    Today we bring you our newest release with music from a big project created this year by three Kvitnu artists  KOTRA, ZAVOLOKA and DUNAEWSKY69. And a name for their work is “KALLISTA”.
  • Dunaewsky69 “Termination Voice” – video

    Fan video for track “TERMINATION VOICE” by DUNAEWSKY69 released by Kvitnu. Video by Blymka Taritamo. Watch DUNAEWSKY69 – TERMINATION VOICE (video by blymka taritamo) in Music | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com http://www.veoh.com/watch/v39930237YSdZdH9d
  • “Termination Voice” review by Chroniques Electroniques

    Review for our recent release from Dunaewsky69 “Termination Voice” written by Chroniques Electroniques http://www.chroniqueselectroniques.net/article-dunaewsky69-termination-voice-106153314.html
  • KVITNU 23 – Termination Voice by Dunaewsky69 is out!

    At the end of March, and right before our third presentation on Qwartz we are excited to give you our 23rd release! It’s been two years since “Endless” by Dunaewsky69 was presented on Kvitnu, and now we have a complete new collection of tracks. A true new abstract story of unstable beats, heavy broken melodies […]
  • Zavoloka, Kotra and Dunaewsky69 in Oscylator Ensemble

    On Sunday, February 26th, Kvitnu artists Zavoloka, Dunaewsky69 and Kotra performed as a part of Oscylator Ensemble in Krakow Music Academy
  • Kvitnu mixtape download at REDEFINE MAGAZINE

    REDEFINE Magazine from Seattle, USA asked us to make a Mixtape for their magazine’s website, containing tracks from Kvitnu releases. And here it is! Enjoy this small “introduction to Kvitnu” podcast http://www.redefinemag.com/music/mixtapes/mixtapes_2.php?artist=Kvitnu&id=2503
  • KVITNU 18 – “MYTHS & MASKS” Compilation is out!

    Today we are proud to present our latest work – a collaboration project between Kvitnu and Polish Institute in Kyiv – “Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski Music By Ukrainian Sound Artists”.
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