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  • Kvitnu is back to WARP’s store BLEEP now

    Kvitnu is working with WARP‘s shop BLEEP now! Full catalog of our releases in different formats is there already! http://bleep.com/index.php?page=label_details&labelid=2125
  • Recommended label…

    Bleep put us on the list of recommended labels, together with Warp, Immerse, Imminent and others…
  • Kvitnu on Bleep and Boomkat now

    Our releases are available on Bleep and Boomkat. As mp3, flac and wav. Bleep’s review about Kvitnu: “Beaming its frequencies from way out east, Ukrainian Dmytro Fedorenko started his outstanding imprint in 2006. Direct from Kiev does Kvitnu operate challenging the staid, academic conventions of contemporary electronic experimental music on it’s way. Distributing sounds from […]
  • 7things

    Just wanted to share good news with you, that we are on 7things with all our releases now. With a good company of some labels and artists, and great service for you to get music. http://seventhings.co.uk/labelDetail.php?label=5
  • More digital distribution for our music

    Our releases are now available on few more mp3-shops worldwide.. You get our music here: Emusic, Amazon, Mp3.de, Napster, Djdownload, Mixmag, TrackItDown, Ministry Of Sound, and soon more places will be added..
  • Our CDs are available in Japan!

    We started to work with a great shop in Tokyo – Shop-TT (http://shoptt.com) and from now all our CDs can be ordered in Japan fast and easy.
  • Kvitnu on Juno!

    From now all Kvitnu releases are available to download on Juno. http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Kvitnu/ All tracks are available there as mp3 and uncompressed wav formats.
  • Kvitnu releases on AudioSkop web-shop in Poland

    Now we have a new distributor in Poland – AudioSkop – http://sklep.audioskop.net/. In this web-shop you can find also some records of Kvitnu artists from other labels. AudioSkop also organizes a concert with Zavoloka in Warsaw. Date: 16th of March 2008. More info here: http://pracovnia.pl/?id=koncert⊂=zavoloka
  • Kvitnu CDs on eBay

    We started to sell our stuff on eBay, so if this is interesting for any of you –  wellcome! This is a direct link – http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZkvitnu
  • Kvitnu finally goes digital!

    From now you can buy our music directly from us in high quality 320 kbps mp3 format. You can do it directly from our Myspace page, or use this link to our mp3 shop: http://www.klicktrack.com/shop/label/kvitnu
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