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  • New sound on Kvitnu by Malfinia Ensemblo and their first album “Varsovia”

    Kvitnu is pleased to announce new artist Malfinia Ensemblo with their first album “Varsovia“! Recorded in Warsaw in late 2012, The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher came together to work on their first album quite spontaneously after sharing a tour in Europe with their individual projects. Through the common idea of creating dark, abstract, and […]
  • Sturqen vs Kotra “Luz” – 26th release is out!

    In this beautiful sunny day we are happy to bring you our next release.
  • Kaeba ‎”Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]” – KVITNU 25!

    Ok, for August we prepared something new again – new artist name on Kvitnu, but an old friend and a part of our family who’s music you know already by fantastic duo Plaster. Today we bring you three track EP called “Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]” from Kaeba.
  • MATTER “SOLID STATE” – new Kvitnu release!

    With a new melting July morning we are happy to bring you our newest release and new artist in our family! It’s “Solid State” by MATTER from Italy.
  • KVITNU 23 – Termination Voice by Dunaewsky69 is out!

    At the end of March, and right before our third presentation on Qwartz we are excited to give you our 23rd release! It’s been two years since “Endless” by Dunaewsky69 was presented on Kvitnu, and now we have a complete new collection of tracks. A true new abstract story of unstable beats, heavy broken melodies […]
  • New release – Plaster “Double Connection” is out!

    And here’s our new, 22nd release on Kvitnu. We open this year of releases with work which is strongly connected to our last CD “Platforms” by Plaster. It’s a remix EP for one of tracks from “Platforms” – Double Connection.
  • Kvitnu is back to WARP’s store BLEEP now

    Kvitnu is working with WARP‘s shop BLEEP now! Full catalog of our releases in different formats is there already! http://bleep.com/index.php?page=label_details&labelid=2125
  • Our 17th release – “Colera” by Sturqen!

    Sturqen “Colera” Kvitnu 17, Digital download We are proud to bring you the new work of our extreme experimental techno diamonds from Porto – Sturqen. This time is a three track work called Colera, which brings you a new anarchist exploration of sound with uncontrollable desire to lose control. Tracklist: 1. Corfu (13:00) 2. Nova […]
  • New release, new artist – PLASTER “ZYPREX 500”!

    Kvitnu meets spring with a 15th release and a new artist in our family! We are pround to have amazing duo from Italy Plaster with their first full length work on our label. Their first work is called “Zyprex 500” and consist of 6 tracks of extremely complex, multilayered and very intelligent psychedelic music. Plaster […]
  • Zavoloka “Svitlo” – new release on Kvitnu!

    Since her last released album “Viter” in 2007, Zavoloka took a long silence break and went into studio work and collaborations with visual artists. A lot of new material was written, and first part of latest tracks is presented in this EP. Here Zavoloka has changed her direction in sound again and went far from […]
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