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  • Kaeba in Mexico

    Since Kvitnu artist Kaeba is now in Mexico with his long trip, he already managed to meet some nice music people there called Noiselab, and here’s an article about him with a playlist of tracks Gianclaudio loves the most. http://noiselab.com/features/the-log-036-kaeba/
  • Some good lines about us from Los Angeles

    Here is an article about Kvitnu in Far From Moscow e-zine http://www.farfrommoscow.com/articles/kvitnu-the-sixth-anniversary.html
  • FACT magazine about STURQEN

    Portugeuse duo Sturqen, made up of David Arantes and César Rodrigues, recently grabbed a nomination for Best New Artist at Paris’ Qwartz Electronic Music Awards. Since the tail-end of the last decade, the pair have produced striking, visceral dance productions with a clear debt to industrial music. 2009′s Piranha and 2011′s Praga, both released on […]
  • Article about Kvitnu in “Ukrainian Culture” magazine

    Big article about KVITNU in “Ukrainian Culture” magazine. It was presented at Venice Biennale this year. Text is in English. Just click on cover and look for the article about us. http://issuu.com/culture.ua/docs/uc_1
  • The Burden of Matter: Dunaewsky69

    A new article about Dunaewsky69 in friendly FarFromMoscow magazine Text is in English and can be found here: http://www.farfrommoscow.com/
  • The Philosophy and Business of “High Blood-Pressure Music”

    Far From Moscow e-zine in Los Angeles published interview with Dmytro Fedorenko about Kvitnu and life and everything. Text is in English and Russian – http://www.farfrommoscow.com/articles/kvitnu.html
  • Wide-Eyed Contentment..

    …from Hyperactive Robots. Article about Kotra by David MacFadyen in Far From Moscow e-zine: http://www.moscow.ucla.edu/electronic/2010/05/12/kotra/
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