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  • Here is our anniversary 50th release!

    Zavoloka “Transmutatsia” Black light from twisted spiral galaxies laughs and transfers into an inner vortex. Concentrated sound rays are coming inside, focused in clusters, shiver, explode and constantly mutate. Glowing reconstruction lava moves with heavy and raw fire clots burning everything out to dust. Melting, converting, dissolving, transforming. Free. Tracklist: 1. Transmutatsia 2. Transmutatsia (Cluster […]
  • Igloo mag reviewed Stray Dogs

    Stray Dogs‘ third full length, And The Days Began To Walk, is a 6-piece orchestration that bends and twists elongated tribal distortions with electronic music. Here, the album is released on Vienna Austria’s Kvitnu imprint “Lethe,” for example, trudges along Einoma pathways, broken beats, clangs, and manipulated horns drench the charcoal landscape. “Phaeton” is a […]
  • Isolat Pattern “Entwined” – video
  • Isolat Pattern “post-romantic” – new release is out!

    „post-romantic” is a second album of Berlin based artist Benjamin Harris who is working under moniker Isolat Pattern. In this work he continues his extensive digital sonic research and goes deeper into his own crystal clear audio sharpness. Great leap forward. Cover artwork is a silk printed moire patterns on metallic surface attached to heavy […]
  • Isolat Pattern reviewed by Etherreal

    Isolat Pattern review, in about a year after his release, or?… But also good as a reminder, because we are preparing his new release right now. Here it is: “On vous propose encore une découverte grâce au label ukrainien Kvitnu qui a sorti la toute première production de Benjamin Harris avec son projet Isolat Pattern. […]
  • Kvitnu charting in few categories with works from Mingle and Wieman

    Stanford radio charted Kvitnu releases from Mingle and Wieman
  • First reaction on Stray Dogs “And The Days Began To Walk”

    “Stray Dogs create a digital tribalism with their impassioned “And The Days Began To Walk”. Rhythms are nimble, crisp, and precise. The overall album teems with a tense energy as the multi-faceted percussion is layered quite heavily. Attention to detail is meticulous as everything comes together in a swirling sea of sound. Melody exists throughout […]

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  • STURQEN “Fobos” – video

    STURQEN – Fobos Video for a track from the album Cura –  
  • New release with new artist – Stray Dogs!

    Today we are proud to present a new work from new artists on Kvitnu – Stray Dogs. „And the days began to walk“ is Stray Dogs’ 3rd album, after 2010’s Intangible States and 2013’s Wasteland. The music on this album was composed for contemporary dance performances by the renowned choreographers Ina Christel Johannessen and Stephan […]
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