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  • Kvitnu main site updated

    We have updated our main site with new hi-rez pictures.
  • KOTRA “RESET” – digital pre-release!

    finally it is out! KOTRA “RESET” to clear errors, events, people, experience and concepts. to bring intention energy to a condition of initial state. to refine the transformation process. reset to inner. to free. 16 tracks collection of live works from Kotra since two years, and first solo work since 2004 available now as digital […]
  • Kvitnu on Qwartz Forum in Paris!

    We are invited to participate in 4th edition of International Qwartz Forum in Paris, France. From Kvitnu there will be two artists Kotra and Zavoloka. Other participants of Qwartz Forum and laureats of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards are such labels: Ant-Zen, Touch, Karaoke Kalk, Morr Music, Staubgold, Sinergy-Networks, Bip-HOp, Citadel Records, Mille Plateaux, Spekk, […]
  • Zavoloka “Exhale”, video by Laetitia

    Official video. This is the collaboration of Zavoloka /music and Laetitia /video. The generative visuals created for the track “exhale” of the newest album Zavoloka’s “Viter” is the first presentation. It represents the liquid aspect of the lungs environment, where airy elements are transported. It’s the oxygen inside the liquid and the liquid mutating it […]
  • writes about Critikal

    Polish web portal about electronic music NowaMuzyka posted a review for Critikal’s CD. The text is i polish. You can view it here:
  • “Graphorrhea” took a prise in big advertisement! :)

    Cover artwork of Critikal “Graphorrhea” has won the 3rd prise in a big competition for design in advertising KAKADU Awards 2008 – Salut to Ruslan Palamarchuk, who did this good work for us!!!
  • Kvitnu releases on AudioSkop web-shop in Poland

    Now we have a new distributor in Poland – AudioSkop – In this web-shop you can find also some records of Kvitnu artists from other labels. AudioSkop also organizes a concert with Zavoloka in Warsaw. Date: 16th of March 2008. More info here:⊂=zavoloka
  • Video for Zavoloka vs. Katya Chilly

    Track made by Zavoloka with vocals: Katya Chilly, bandura: Roman Grynkiv video by Ivan Tymchenko
  • Kvitnu goes to Poland!

    Friends! On 1st of February Kvitnu corporation along with its artists Kotra and Zavoloka moves to Krakow (Poland). We will work at the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Music in Krakow (SME) – All our concert management activity is cancelled till the late Autumn 2008 or even later. Our festivals Detali Zvuku […]
  • SCORN in Ukraine… posteffect

    We think that it is better to let Mick say himself about what happened here on 19th of January.. take this:….. And pictures:
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