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  • STURQEN “PIRANHA” – Kvitnu’s 8th release out now!

    Finally! A new, 8th release on Kvitnu! This time from absolutely new brilliant artists from Portugal – Sturqen. Piranha explores a vast amount of massive sonic rhythmics where a techno-trance universe is combined with a constant pure noise attitude. A continuous search for raw and energetic sounds gives the strength and anarchy to their first […]
  • Autumn-Winter tour dates for Zavoloka and Kotra

    12.09.2009 – ZAVOLOKA at Space Textures III festival, Riga, Latvia 14.09.2009 – KOTRA at EM-Vizija, Kyiv, Ukraine 23.09.2009 – ZAVOLOKA at Electroacoustica, Kyiv, Ukraine 26.09.2009 – KOTRA at Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington, USA 28.09.2009 – KOTRA at The Rotunda, Philadelphia, USA 29.09.2009 – KOTRA at The Bridge, Charlottesville, USA 09.10.2009 – KVITNU SHOWCASE at Net […]
  • Kvitnu at Netaudio festival in Berlin

    We are invited to present Kvitnu at Netaudio Festival in Berlin. Along with participation in Netaudio Fair we are also invited for a Netlabel Showcase with two performances from Kotra and Zavoloka in famous and great club Maria on 9th of October. More information should appear on festival’s site:

    And again, we are invited by great team of C/O POP festival to EUROPAREISE conference. We will present our KVITNU FEST there. Check out the full list of this year’s invitees (some good name you can find)
  • Zavoloka at Madeiradig festival

    Zavoloka will perform live at MADEIRADIG Festival 2009 festival runs from 4th to 7th of Decembre 2009 line-up: Zavoloka (UA) JEAN-MICHEL (DE) Christ. (UK) ALVA NOTO (DE) Felix Kubin (DE) Clara Hill (DE) more information here:
  • New net-release from v4w.enko

    v4w.enko has a new release DI_REC on a new net-label run by our good friend Pavlo Zhagun – Project 0 Bis Fragments of different streams can be randomised. It can make new perception of structures character. Changes of orders of different fragments can lead to losing starting point. t can cause illusion of endlessness. Different […]
  • EXTRAWELT at Kvitnu_live – photoreport

    58 pictures from Extrawelt’s night are here:
  • PAN SONIC at Kvitnu_live – photoreport

    188 pictures from this event can be found here:
  • First review for “Harmonic Ratio”

    Does not it seem to you that this album has a rather paradoxical name? Paradoxical not to that extent that it became senseless – however, to the degree sufficient to induce that ratio (meaning “reason”) to bite its own tail. I mean here that our reason seems to aspire to harmony, but for some reason […]
  • Geiger magazine about Kvitnu

    After long night intervew in one of Krakow’s pubs in 2008 with Rasmus Steffensen, Danish magazine Geiger made big article about Kvitnu in issue #17. More information is here, but better to get this great magazine for real, if you are in Denmark of course..
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