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  • Wide-Eyed Contentment..

    …from Hyperactive Robots. Article about Kotra by David MacFadyen in Far From Moscow e-zine:
  • New compilation tracks of Dunaewsky69 and v4w.enko

    Dunaewsky69 released track on compilation “Intelligent Toys: We Make Music” on a net-label Sutemos;gid,29 v4w.enko along with Dunaewsky69 did the same, but on another net-storage Section27 All tracks are free for download.
  • 15 questions to Zavoloka…

    … from Tokafi web-zine
  • Kotra “Revolt” – new release!

    Our 9th release is finally ready to see the light and hit your ears. Prime explosion of sprightly elements from different times in combination with bizarre oscillations from friendly alchemists.. Something from the past and something from the present. Independence in variety, light’s inside. This is 8th solo work of Kotra. 10 original tracks with […]
  • Play on the WEB!

    Now you can try to play whith new sounds of v4w.enko on he`s micro-webpage. Now it has new look and new fill. Now it work just like a visit card and a toy:
  • Endless Repetitions of Difference…

    America’s e-zine “Far From Moscow” made article about Zavoloka – “Endless Repetitions of Difference from the Ukrainian Countryside” Full article here –
  • Dunaewsky69 goes to Poland!

    In February 2010 Olexandr Gladun, also known as Dunaewsky69, goes to Poland, to Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Music in Krakow (SME) – We are extremely happy to continue this intervention of our artists to Poland :) So, promoters and just good people in Poland – don’t miss a chance to invite […]

    Dear friends! We hope you are having great time now celebrating winter holidays. From a snowy Kyiv, as a gift to New Year, we wanted to present you a track “Holy Days” written by Zavoloka to open 2010 with something new and special. Take it here: Soon we will come up with new works […]
  • Kvitnu on Wire

    With the forthcoming January 2010 issue, The Wire releases the second instalment in its series of subscriber only music downloads – “Below The Radar Vol 2“. Kvitnu is presented with a remix of Zavoloka for Kotra from upcoming release “Revolt” which will appear here very very soon. Other participants are Carlos Giffoni, Mattin, Gary War, […]
  • First reviews for “Piranha”

    Finally first reviews for Sturqen’s “Piranha” started to come up. Texts from Dagheisha and Heathen Harvest are here: By Heathen Harvest: The unknown will inherit the earth. There is nothing that can anticipate the fortune to find something quite like Sturqen, a band with not much propaganda or merchandising behind it, surviving in […]
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