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  • The New Noise writes about Mingle’s “Ephemeral”

    Anche il 2017 ha visto un disco di Andrea Gastaldello/Mingle, di nuovo su Kvitnu, con un album che per tema ha l’effimero, l’incapacità di rinunciare al carpe diem. Se non si considera la bonus-track, l’ottima “Vaporized” (feat. Plaster), Andrea si attesta quasi sempre su battiti lenti, dà peso alle atmosfere, sa essere riflessivo, ma anche ansiogeno, […]
  • Another announce of upcoming Plaster album on Kvitu.

    Plaster es uno de los productores más completos con los que cuenta la escena italiana, ha lanzado muchos proyectos aclamados por la crítica en sellos como Stroboscopic Artefacts, Touchin’Bass y Kvitnu. Además de tocar en vivo en festivales experimentales de todo el mundo como Dissonanze (Roma), Krake Festival (Berlín) y Rural Festival (Japón), han actuado en muchos clubes y eventos artísticos con su música siendo utilizada para […]
  • New release is out today – Kotra “Freigeist”!

    A brand new album from Kotra “Freigeist” is out today! Freigeist is a diary of a travel and observation, journal of an opening of new territories and asking new questions. Story of accepting and denying, allowing and forcing, crossing lines and letting go, pushing and breaking. Freigeist is an adventure to unacceptable and strange, a […]
  • Kotra’s “Cicada” reviewed by Vital Weekly

    It’s been more than years, so it seems, that I last reviewed something from Kotra, the musical project of Dmytro Fedorenko, who is also the boss behind the Kvitnu album (see also elsewhere for another release of which he is part). It seems that he was active in the years in between but not all of his […]
  • Get the idea of what’s coming up next week on Kvitnu
  • New album from Plaster is already announced by Clubbing Spain

    If you can read Spanish, here’s first announce of upcoming brand new album from Plaster, which will be released by Kvitnu in 2018.
  • We are 11 years old!

  • Vital weekly review for Sokyra

    “Here we have two active forces from Ukraine’s experimental music areas. In the left corner Edward Sol, working with lo-fi, rudimentary equipment, analogue synthesizers and cassette. He has his own Quasi Pop and Sentimental Productions labels, whereas in the right corner we find Kotra, also known as Dmytro Fedorenko, whose music is rhythmic and made […]
  • Cicada reviewed by Chain D.L.K.

    The info-sheet attached to this new release by Ukrainian label Kvitnu doesn’t mention the reason why the six tracks of this output by label boss Dmytro Fedorenko didn’t reach the audience after they were forged, but better late than never. Actually there’s an analogy between the long delay between the birth and the surfacing of […]
  • Interview with ZAVOLOKA for

    Synthesizers and sound modulation. A conversation with Kateryna Zavoloka. by Miron Ghiu Dec 11, 2017 Kateryna Zavoloka is an artist from Ukraine, currently living and working in Wien. She composes experimental music, with sonorities ranging from electro-acoustic sounds to IDM, ambient and even techno. She’s active since 2003, having released albums on labels such as Nexsound or […]
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