New release with new artist – Stray Dogs!

Today we are proud to present a new work from new artists on Kvitnu – Stray Dogs.

Stray Dogs - And the days began to walk (Kvitnu 48)

„And the days began to walk“ is Stray Dogs’ 3rd album, after 2010’s Intangible States and 2013’s Wasteland. The music on this album was composed for contemporary dance performances by the renowned choreographers Ina Christel Johannessen and Stephan Laks and subsequently adapted to the album format.

Stray Dogs - And the days began to walk (Kvitnu 48)

Throughout the album, Stray Dogs explore the outer limits of the push and pull between music and the body: using their signature sonic palette of intricate rhythms, cello, guitars and electronics, they constructed extended sequences of tension and release in constant dialogue with the choreographers & dancers.

Stray Dogs - And the days began to walk (Kvitnu 48)

Album is released as limited edition CDr inlayed in a cover printed on a canvas with a silver paint stripe placed individually on each item, making each copy looking unique. Canvas fixed on a hard cardboard. Handmade assembled.

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