Matter “Biorhexistasy” – new release and first vinyl on Kvitnu!

Today we have a new release on Kvitnu. And this time it’s on vinyl!
Great power album “BIORHEXISTASY” by our Italian overloaded beats master MATTER!

Biorhexistasy named by the “Biorhexistasy theory” – which describes the climatic conditions required for periods of soil formation divided by erosion’s cycles.

It is also a metaphor concerning modalities through which particular conditions are formed, the periods that exists between these conditions and their relations, forming an alteration, a mutation, a change.

The album gets into focus the methods through which a certain phase is put in place for the implementation of a change going by the substance alteration. The mutation could be considered in a wider meaning than the geological one – social, psychological or physical.

Music written by Fabrizio Matrone.
Mastered by C-drík at Syrphe.
Artwork designed by Zavoloka.

Released as 12″ black LP inlayed into exclusive golden metallic paint printed sleeve, as well as high quality digital download.

Whole album can be previewed on a release page and purchased at our Kvitnu shop, as well as on Kvitnu Bandcamp shop page.