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How can I contact you?

For any questions, please use this e-mail: info@kvitnu.com

Who makes Kvitnu?
  • Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra) – founder and owner of label.
  • Kateryna Zavoloka – visual supervisor and main designer.
  • Guillaume Malaret – Kvitnu Booking manager.
How can I book Kvitnu artist to my event?

Most of Kvitnu artists can be booked via Kvitnu Booking.

Visit this site for all information – http://booking.kvitnu.com, or simply use this e-mail with your request: booking@kvitnu.com

How and where can I send my demo?


Send us private stream link on Soundcloud.
Then we will listen to it and come back to you if we are interested.

Don’t send us download links please.

Do you accept demos?

Yes, we do!
We love to get new demos from artists.
We listen to ALL demo recordings we receive.
Almost all Kvitnu artists were selected from demos they sent us.

Who designs Kvitnu covers?

Our main visual supervisor is Zavoloka.

Almost all Kvitnu releases designed by her.

However, Kvitnu loves to collaborate with many visual artists, graphic designers, photographers and 3D modellers around the world.

Here’s the full list of our visual collaborators:

  • Kateryna Zavoloka – most of our releases, banners, advertisement, etc.
  • David Arantes & César Rodrigues – artworks and photos for Sturqen’s releases “Peste”, “Colera” and “Praga”
  • Lia Zavoloka – graphics for Matter “Solid State” and Kaeba “Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]”
  • Eugen Vashchenko – graphics and visuals for v4w.enko “Harmonic Ratio”
  • Paolo Cignini – photo for Plaster “Double Connection”
  • Akuvido – graphics for Kotra “Reset”
  • Fabrizio Garramone – layout for Plaster “Platforms”
  • Kotra – photo for Zavoloka “Svitlo” and graphics for Kotra “Renaissance”
  • Caba Kosmotesto – cover for v4w.enko “cvxd+e”
  • Ruslan Palamarchuk – cover for Critikal “Graphorrhea”
  • Lunargrape – graphics for Dunaewsky69 “Endless”
Where can I buy Kvitnu CD’s, vinyls and downloads?

Here’s a list of places where you can get our music:

Our digital releases can also be easily found on stores like iTunes, Juno, Amazon and other places.

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