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  • Kotra at NetAudio fest (video)

  • Kotra – Washington live show review

    High-pitched to the point of absolutely devastating your eardrums, Kotra’s music might hardly be considered music at all if it wasn’t for how amazingly well-arranged and sonically-diverse it is. Take amusement in the fact that the works of this Ukranian electronic artist, also known as Dmytro Fedorenko, melted three speaker parts and possibly temporarily incapacitated […]
  • Zavoloka at Kvitnu Fest

    Live video from festival
  • Zavoloka “Exhale”, video by Laetitia

    Official video. This is the collaboration of Zavoloka /music and Laetitia /video. The generative visuals created for the track “exhale” of the newest album Zavoloka’s “Viter” is the first presentation. It represents the liquid aspect of the lungs environment, where airy elements are transported. It’s the oxygen inside the liquid and the liquid mutating it […]
  • Video for Zavoloka vs. Katya Chilly

    Track made by Zavoloka with vocals: Katya Chilly, bandura: Roman Grynkiv video by Ivan Tymchenko
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