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  • Dunaewsky69 CD. Upcoming!

    Friends, soon Kvitnu will present a longwaited new CD by ukrainian mega-productive artist Dunaewsky69! For sure we will surprise many people who already heard music from this artists on Detali Zvuku festival or from his first CD on Shaped Harmonics label. Preorders are wellcome :)
  • First review on Wag The Swing!

    Here is a first review on Wag The Swing CD written by Frans De Waard: “The long awaited – well, at least by some – collaboration of Kotra and Zavoloka. They already had a teaser EP, but here is the full twenty-four track CD. They play their music using “bass guitar, empty vinyl player, blank […]
  • Today we start a new label KVITNU!

    With our first release “Wag The Swing” by Kotra & Zavoloka we start a new label KVITNU!  
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