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  • Neural about Ilpo Väisänen’s “Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta”

    Neural about “Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta” Ilpo Väisänen was mostly known as one of the two founders of Pan Sonic. He was not very productive as a solo artist: we mostly remember his work in bands such as Angel, Fistpost, IBM, Rude Mechanic and VVE (his partnership with Mika Vainio ended in 2009 after their third […]
  • Listen to track Fobos from upcoming Sturqen album Cura

    Listen to track Fobos from upcoming Sturqen album Cura, which can be pre-ordered already in our shop:
  • Poster “Rezonans Dreamcatcher”

    We have a new special item for you in our shop. Poster “Rezonans Dreamcatcher” 4 acrylic colour silk screen handprint on a tactile designers paper. Size: 63 x 50 cm Graphics by Kateryna Zavoloka. Printed by Dmytro Fedorenko. Each poster is signed by authors on a back side. Buy here:
  • Mingle “Static” reviewed by Gonzo circus

    Herinner je je de cd ‘€˜Everything Collapse(d)’€™ die Mingle samen met Deison vorig jaar uitbracht bij Bas Mantels REV. Lab.? Prachtplaat, maar met een ontsierende afsluiter in de vorm van een al te vet eerbetoon aan Swans. Op zijn soloplaat ‘€˜Static’™ past Mingle daarvoor wel op. Behouden heeft Mingle -“ artiestennaam van Andrea Gastaldello -€“ […]
  • Matter live at at Grelle Forelle, Vienna

    Matter live in Vienna. Recorded at Grelle Forelle club on 20.04.2016
  • Easter Sale Weekend on Kvitnu!

    Easter Sale Weekend on Kvitnu! During three days we give you 40% discount for any and every item in our shop! Just use code word – east2017 – during checkout.
  • Our New Kvitnu Star T-Shirt!

    Here’s our New Kvitnu Star T-Shirt! Extra special limited edition t-shirt with a black graphics created by Zavoloka, silk printed on a high quality heavy cotton, available in three possible colours to choose from: – Dark Grey – Intense Red – Pure White This t-shirt campaign will be also limited in time and will stay […]
  • Sturqen launch new video series Vakuo

    STURQEN launched a series of audio-visual works called Vakuo. First video made by Nicole Tsangaris Music by Sturqen
  • Kvitnu in Closer Record Store, Kyiv

    In Kyiv Kvitnu releases can now be purchased at great Closer Record Store. Store located at the following address: 31 Nizhnejurkivs’ka street
  • ZAVOLOKA – Syngonia – video preview
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