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  • EXTRAWELT at Kvitnu_live – photoreport

    58 pictures from Extrawelt’s night are here:
  • PAN SONIC at Kvitnu_live – photoreport

    188 pictures from this event can be found here:
  • First review for “Harmonic Ratio”

    Does not it seem to you that this album has a rather paradoxical name? Paradoxical not to that extent that it became senseless – however, to the degree sufficient to induce that ratio (meaning “reason”) to bite its own tail. I mean here that our reason seems to aspire to harmony, but for some reason […]
  • Geiger magazine about Kvitnu

    After long night intervew in one of Krakow’s pubs in 2008 with Rasmus Steffensen, Danish magazine Geiger made big article about Kvitnu in issue #17. More information is here, but better to get this great magazine for real, if you are in Denmark of course..
  • New release, new artist…

    We have a new release! And we have a new artist! Eugene Vashchenko with his multimedia project v4w.enko has joined us with new full lenght CD which also contains flash extra data. Name of this work is “Harmonic Ratio”. We met Eugene before second edition of Kvitnu Fest in 2008 and started from inviting him […]
  • Recommended label…

    Bleep put us on the list of recommended labels, together with Warp, Immerse, Imminent and others…
  • Kvitnu on Bleep and Boomkat now

    Our releases are available on Bleep and Boomkat. As mp3, flac and wav. Bleep’s review about Kvitnu: “Beaming its frequencies from way out east, Ukrainian Dmytro Fedorenko started his outstanding imprint in 2006. Direct from Kiev does Kvitnu operate challenging the staid, academic conventions of contemporary electronic experimental music on it’s way. Distributing sounds from […]
  • 7things

    Just wanted to share good news with you, that we are on 7things with all our releases now. With a good company of some labels and artists, and great service for you to get music.
  • RU.NOISE.2

    We are happy to announce a new concert season opening. This time it will be a presentation of Moscow experimental music “RU.NOISE.2”. The story was simple: at the end of 2008 we asked our friend Alexei Borisov to curate second part (continuation) of a first RU.NOISE concert, that took place in 2004 in Kyiv. Live […]
  • the day ;)

    today 2 years ;) of good vibrations the day is today our happy birthday ;)
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