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  • DEVELOP YOUR MAIN FREQUENCY – New Kvitnu apparel!

    DEVELOP YOUR MAIN FREQUENCY – A NEW KVITNU MERCH IS HERE FOR YOU New extra special limited edition t-shirts, hoodies, top tanks and sweatshirts with printed slogan “DEVELOP YOUR MAIN FREQUENCY” on a high quality heavy cotton. And all t-shirts and hoodies have Kvitnu logo printed on a back side. This apparel campaign will be […]
  • Vital Weekly reviewed Freigeist:

    “It seems as if Dmytro Fedorenko is more active as Kotra than before. Following his solo release ‘Cicada’, reviewed in Vital Weekly 1104 and his collaboration with Edward Sol (Vital Weekly 1111) there is yet another new solo release called ‘Freigeist’. Quite a short release, lasting just under thirty minutes, but maybe that is because […]
  • We opened pre-orders for Plaster “Transition”.

    We opened pre-orders for upcoming long awaited album from Plaster “Transition”.   Will be available as silver LP, CD or download. Both physical formats are produced in limited quantities. Be fast, be first!
  • Amazing response for Freigeist from ATTN:Magazine

    It’s the electronic equivalent of a clenched fist. A bundle of low drones pressing inward, squeezing into other another, spluttering as the tension becomes too much, buzzing like a pitched-down tesla coil. And like a clenched fist, this knot of drones is a point of unstable energy consolidation. It cannot hold. This isn’t a viable […]
  • A review for Mingle “Ephemeral”

    Available from Kvitnu, it’s an interesting blend of “gentle” and “edgy”. I don’t use the word “edgy” lightly, as it has been overused in recent years. Just follow the link and give the first track, “Drop Yourself”, a listen and you’ll see what I mean. It’s rather quiet, and nothing abrupt or jarring happens in […]
  • The New Noise writes about Mingle’s “Ephemeral”

    Anche il 2017 ha visto un disco di Andrea Gastaldello/Mingle, di nuovo su Kvitnu, con un album che per tema ha l’effimero, l’incapacità di rinunciare al carpe diem. Se non si considera la bonus-track, l’ottima “Vaporized” (feat. Plaster), Andrea si attesta quasi sempre su battiti lenti, dà peso alle atmosfere, sa essere riflessivo, ma anche ansiogeno, […]
  • Another announce of upcoming Plaster album on Kvitu.

    Plaster es uno de los productores más completos con los que cuenta la escena italiana, ha lanzado muchos proyectos aclamados por la crítica en sellos como Stroboscopic Artefacts, Touchin’Bass y Kvitnu. Además de tocar en vivo en festivales experimentales de todo el mundo como Dissonanze (Roma), Krake Festival (Berlín) y Rural Festival (Japón), han actuado en muchos clubes y eventos artísticos con su música siendo utilizada para […]
  • New release is out today – Kotra “Freigeist”!

    A brand new album from Kotra “Freigeist” is out today! Freigeist is a diary of a travel and observation, journal of an opening of new territories and asking new questions. Story of accepting and denying, allowing and forcing, crossing lines and letting go, pushing and breaking. Freigeist is an adventure to unacceptable and strange, a […]
  • Kotra’s “Cicada” reviewed by Vital Weekly

    It’s been more than years, so it seems, that I last reviewed something from Kotra, the musical project of Dmytro Fedorenko, who is also the boss behind the Kvitnu album (see also elsewhere for another release of which he is part). It seems that he was active in the years in between but not all of his […]
  • Get the idea of what’s coming up next week on Kvitnu
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