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  • Mingle “Static” – video teaser for June release

  • Kvitnu podcast at Electronique.it

    Electronique.it started series of label presentations and our podcast comes first in series. Enjoy and share with your friends. http://www.electronique.it/podcast/11721-e-p-244-label-edition-kvitnu
  • Isolat Pattern “BLK.HSE”

    Music by Benjamin Harris. Video by [AudioReact.Lab] – audioreact-lab.blogspot.it Track BLK.HSE taken from Kvitnu release “Clinical Ambience” by Isolat Pattern. kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu37/
  • Easter sale!

    This weekend, April 3-4-5. 35% discount for any item at our shop. Make yourself a present! At checkout use code: yeast https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/
  • Isolat Pattern “Clinical Ambience” – 37th release is out!

    We continue our tradition of presenting you new names in International experimental music scene. And this time we bring to your attention the first work from Berlin based artist Benjamin Harris and his project Isolat Pattern. Sharp vibes of synthetic digital noise, nervous trimming beats shifting into darkly ambient slow melodies. Heavy and deep rough […]
  • Good chance to fill gaps in your Kvitnu collection!

    After moving label to Vienna we found a small box with four of our old releases which were sold out long time ago. Now you have a chance to fill gaps in your Kvitnu collection. We put them for sale in our Bandcamp shop, so after buying a CD you will get immediately a link […]
  • Two more reactions on Wieman/Goem’s CD

    dMute.net Quelques mois à peine après la sortie de The Classics Album (que nous avions chroniqué sur nos pages), les néerlandais Frans De Waard et Roel Melkop refont surface sous le pseudonyme de Wieman, mais pour s’attaquer cette fois au répertoire de Goem, qui n’est autre qu’une ancienne de leur nombreuses entités musicales. Wieman Plays […]
  • Buy Kvitnu releases also in these good shops in Paris

    – L’international – 7 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris, France – Toolbox – 30 Rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris, France – Souffle Continu – 22 Rue Gerbier, 75011 Paris, France – Syncrophone – 6 Rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris, France – Rue des Gardes – ruedesgardes.incongru.org
  • New review for Trenkel

    … intially unimpressed with Frans de Waard & Roel Meelkop’s sound I played it again whilst making some art and heard it differently…the insistent bass throb infiltrated my head whilst my guard was down, penetrating my conscious listening mind as it did, I thought ‘Hold on, that’s good’, whilst recognising that there were no deeply embedded […]
  • One more review for Trenkel

    Roel Meelkop et Frans de Waard, les deux membres de Wieman, sont deux musiciens cultes des scènes expérimentales, no wave et post-punk néerlandaises. Aperçus chez Raster Noton, 12K ou les Editions Mego, ils signent avec ce projet un nouveau concept sur le label ukrainien Kvitnu : il s’agit là d’un enrgistrement live d’une répétition de […]
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