August, 2015

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  • Ujif_notfound – [pre][code] – out today!

    We have a new, 41st release today: Ujif_notfound – “[precode]” Algorithmic psychedelia from grandmaster of Max/MSP madness Ujif_notfound. Digital audio hallucinating experience of extremely complex and at the same time gently simple sound forms. It is not just a music album, it’s a state of consciousness of radical deep experiments. A tool which will guide […]
  • Darkfloor about Mingle “Static”

    Ukrainian glitch experimentalists Kvitnu have within their catalogue some 40 releases, the latest of which comes from Italy and Andrea Gastaldello‘s project Mingle. Whilst Kvitnu might boast some serious electronic totems from the likes of Sturqen, Matter and that live Pan Sonic album Oksastus, Mingle’s label début is one of their gentlest and most approachable. […]
  • Preview our upcoming 41st release – [pre][code] by Ujif_notfound
  • Ujif_notfound – [pre][code] – video from upcoming release
  • VitalWeekly about Mingle “Static”

    Many, if not all of the releases on Ukranian Kvitnu deal with music that is very rhythmic and usually highly minimal; in many of the reviews of their releases Pan Sonic is a reference, and they themselves are also present with a release. This new release is something different. Andre Gastaldello is the man behind […]
  • Clubbibg Spain about Mauri’s “Sweep Generators”

    Quizá por su nombre no te suene, pero Mauri es ya un veterano en el mundo de la música ya que es dj desde mediados de los 90 y productor desde 1998 (tanto en solitario como colaborando en proyectos como Unforeseen Heights o Fluxus) y se le ha visto actuando en sinfin de clubs y […]
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