April, 2015

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  • KVITNU 38 is out!

    And again new name in our catalogue. Spanish producer form Gijón – Mauri – and his mini album “Sweep Generators”. MAURI – Sweep Generators Weird. Nervous. Unstable. Offbeat and tight shuffling rhythms with bizarre melodic patterns. Surreal psychedelic sonic tensions with some touch of a irritable post-industrial attitude. Rough uncomfortable songs for radical eccentric music lovers.  […]
  • First review for Mauri

    Mauri’s “Sweep Generators” is a terrifying vision of the future. Distortion rules supreme over these compositions. Nothing stands still. Constantly in a state of flux the sounds scurry across the aural landscapes leaving barely a trace behind. Propelled by a greater sense of urgency these are hysterical pieces. Lots and lots of texture color the […]
  • Isolat Pattern reviewed by SeekSickSound

    Kvitnu s’impose décidément comme une excellente pépinière d’artistes novateurs, et cette release d’Isolat Pattern confirme cette lancée avec une electronica inspirée et envoûtante. Avec cette première sortie du berlinois Benjamin Harris aka Isolat Pattern, encore inconnu dans nos contrées, le label à tête chercheuse Kvitnu continue d’explorer les profondeurs abyssales de l’expérimentation pour mieux degotter […]
  • Skug reviewed Wieman plays Goem

    Wieman ist das Duo Frans de Waard und Roel Meelkop, beide sind auch Kapotte Muziek und auch Goem. Was tun Namen hier also schon zur Sache außer zur Orientierung, schließlich sind beide Niederländer seit den frühen 1980er Jahren an einer schier unüberschaubaren Vielzahl an Musik- formationen beteiligt. Man könnte sagen, für Wiemans Vorgänger-Platte »The Classics […]
  • Preview our upcoming release

    Preview our upcoming release, to be out April 30th. Mauri “Sweep Generators”
  • Mingle “Static” – video teaser for June release

  • Kvitnu podcast at Electronique.it

    Electronique.it started series of label presentations and our podcast comes first in series. Enjoy and share with your friends. http://www.electronique.it/podcast/11721-e-p-244-label-edition-kvitnu
  • Isolat Pattern “BLK.HSE”

    Music by Benjamin Harris. Video by [AudioReact.Lab] – audioreact-lab.blogspot.it Track BLK.HSE taken from Kvitnu release “Clinical Ambience” by Isolat Pattern. kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu37/
  • Easter sale!

    This weekend, April 3-4-5. 35% discount for any item at our shop. Make yourself a present! At checkout use code: yeast https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/
  • Isolat Pattern “Clinical Ambience” – 37th release is out!

    We continue our tradition of presenting you new names in International experimental music scene. And this time we bring to your attention the first work from Berlin based artist Benjamin Harris and his project Isolat Pattern. Sharp vibes of synthetic digital noise, nervous trimming beats shifting into darkly ambient slow melodies. Heavy and deep rough […]
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