August, 2013

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  • Excellent review for Neophobia

    What is the best soundtrack for fencing? Classical music? Smooth jazz? Folk music? No, Portuguese, avant-garde electronica of course! Sturqen, the very interesting and creative electronica-duo from Portugal have released a new record on the Ukrainian record label Kvitnu, which focuses on “high blood pressure”, dense, heavy, and experimental electronic music. Neophobia is like their other albums full […]
  • Another Biorhexistasy review

    Un’estate italiana Di Vasco Viviani (Old Bicycle Records Il mercato discografico è frastagliato, sicuramente troppo. La reperibilità e la fruizione dei materiali in uscita e sin troppo varia ed anche l’acquirente più accorto non riuscirà mai a concludere la propria lista della spesa mentale. Troppi i canali da seguire, troppe le spese da affrontare. Viaggiando […]
  • Binmatu reviewed by Beachsloth

    BINMATU explore the microcosms of sound. These are tiny things amplified into near-painful levels. ‘CRYSTYLYS’ takes apart the sound bit by bit. Songs are essentially non-existent. Melody barely rears its ugly head on these seven tracks. None of these could be considered pretty. By excluding nearly everything in these sparse recordings one gets the sense […]
  • Great Neophobia reviewed by French zine La Chroniquothèque

    A cause du fourmillement effréné qui caractérise désormais le mouvement général de la musique électronique, la proportion de labels intéressants sur le long terme s’est considérablement amoindrie et c’est paradoxalement auprès de valeurs sûres que les passionnés reviennent chercher leur subsistance. Avec quelques années d’activité régulière, on peut à présent compter Kvitnu parmi ces structures […]
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