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  • French e-zine EtherReal talk about Sturqen’s “Praga”

    Text is here: http://etherreal.com/spip.php?article4449
  • Vitor Joaquim on Gonzo Magazine’s CD compilation

    Latest edition of GONZO magazine came out with a CD compilation “Mind The Gap #97” with track “Filaments And Walls” from Vitor Joaquim’s “Filament”! http://www.gonzocircus.com/gc110/ And just to remind that track “Component” from CD “Platforms” by Plaster was out on “Mind The Gap #95”
  • Review for “Solid State”

    New review for Solid State (in Italian) http://www.thenewnoise.it/matter-solid-state/
  • Review for Vitor Joaquim’s “Filament”

    Review for Vitor Joaquim’s “Filament” in French zine EtherReal – http://etherreal.com/spip.php?article4446
  • Review for Kaeba by Impulse Magazine

    http://www.impulsmagazine.com/kvitnu-kaeba-synthetic-ice-cream-for-droids/ Kaeba aka Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri from Rome is not new to people who listen to the high blood pressure music from Kvitnu, together with Giuseppe Carlini he forms the duo Plaster that has two releases under their belt on Kvitnu. And now Gianclaudio has released his first solo release under his alias Kaeba on this […]
  • Indie Rock Mag about Matter’s “Solid State”

    French zine Indie Rock Mag about Matter’s “Solid State” http://www.indierockmag.com/article19428.html
  • Kaeba ‎”Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]” – KVITNU 25!

    Ok, for August we prepared something new again – new artist name on Kvitnu, but an old friend and a part of our family who’s music you know already by fantastic duo Plaster. Today we bring you three track EP called “Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]” from Kaeba.
  • FACT magazine about STURQEN

    Portugeuse duo Sturqen, made up of David Arantes and César Rodrigues, recently grabbed a nomination for Best New Artist at Paris’ Qwartz Electronic Music Awards. Since the tail-end of the last decade, the pair have produced striking, visceral dance productions with a clear debt to industrial music. 2009′s Piranha and 2011′s Praga, both released on […]
  • MATTER “SOLID STATE” – new Kvitnu release!

    With a new melting July morning we are happy to bring you our newest release and new artist in our family! It’s “Solid State” by MATTER from Italy.
  • Nice text for Plaster’s “Platforms” from France

    It’s here: http://chroniquotheque.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/platforms-de-plaster/
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