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  • Free track from Zavoloka

    For your holidays there is a free track from Zavoloka!
  • Zavoloka & Laetitia Morais tour documentary video

    This is documentary video from our audiovisual performances 

that was recorded during tour in Germany and Poland in 2012.


    Exactly 6 years ago, on December 25th 2006, we had our very first release on Kvitnu. After six years we already have 27, and each one is a killer! Six years ago we only had two artists on label, today we have 11 in our family! We started as Ukrainian label, today we also have […]
  • The last relaunch – “RENAISSANCE” by Kotra

    Today we have the last relaunch on Kvitnu. It’s “RENAISSANCE” by Kotra. Very minimalistic and abstract single release. 24 minutes of sound in just one piece recorded live. Listen and get your copy: http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu13.html  
  • “SOLID STATE” became physical!

    This first Kvitnu release of Italian sharp psychedelic noise-techno producer Matter goes physical today! An abstract story of unstable beats, heavy broken melodies with overloaded and distorted romanticism. Get your copy here: http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu24.html  
  • Second life for “DOUBLE CONNECTION”

    Next relaunch is again PLASTER! “DOUBLE CONNECTION” is a great remix-pack with tracks from ZAVOLOKA, DADUB, STURQEN, FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER and PLASTER themselves. Listen again and get a copy! http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu22.html  
  • “Zyprex 500” relaunched!

    For controlling your bipolar disorders we have a drug called “ZYPREX 500” which was synthesized by PLASTER labs in 2011. And now, in the end of 2012, here is a new, much stronger edition of that synthetic remedy – a tablet within a new silver shell filled with remastered ingredients. Relaunch and refill! http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu15.html  
  • V4W.ENKO “CVXD+E” on CDr

    Today we have one more release relaunched on Kvitnu – V4W.ENKO “CVXD+E” http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu12.html Originally released in 2010. Superb minimalistic abstract work from Kyiv based Max/MSP master Eugen Vashchenko. Now available for purchase in our holidays discount store http://kvitnu.com/shop/CD/View-all-products.html  
  • Three more digital releases printed on CDr’s

    After a small break and right after releasing Kallista we present you three more digital releases turned to CDr’s. This time it’s legendary “Peste” by Sturqen, also radical EP “Colera” by Sturqen, and recent collaboration between Kotra and Sturqen called “Luz“.

    KVITNU BIRTHDAY 50% GIVEAWAY! FROM 6.12.2012 till 6.01.2013 ALL KVITNU CD’s FOR 6.00 € ONLY! FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE INCLUDED! http://kvitnu.com/shop/CD/View-all-products.html
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