February, 2011

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  • Forms of Distortion – first reaction on “Svitlo”

    …The greatest surprise, perhaps, is the level of distortion in the aforementioned bass. The EP’s opening few seconds tumble from warm resonance into the noisy pain of suffering speakers. The “light” evoked in these instrumentals is clearly meant to be disorienting, if not blinding… http://www.farfrommoscow.com/articles/zavoloka-and-ugol-ratmanova.html
  • Zavoloka “Svitlo” – new release on Kvitnu!

    Since her last released album “Viter” in 2007, Zavoloka took a long silence break and went into studio work and collaborations with visual artists. A lot of new material was written, and first part of latest tracks is presented in this EP. Here Zavoloka has changed her direction in sound again and went far from […]
  • Sine Wave Crescendo – free track from Kotra

    Listen and download for free
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