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  • Play on the WEB!

    Now you can try to play whith new sounds of v4w.enko on he`s micro-webpage. Now it has new look and new fill. Now it work just like a visit card and a toy: http://v4w.enk0.com/
  • Endless Repetitions of Difference…

    America’s e-zine “Far From Moscow” made article about Zavoloka – “Endless Repetitions of Difference from the Ukrainian Countryside” Full article here – moscow.ucla.edu
  • Dunaewsky69 goes to Poland!

    In February 2010 Olexandr Gladun, also known as Dunaewsky69, goes to Poland, to Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Music in Krakow (SME) – http://sme.amuz.krakow.pl/ We are extremely happy to continue this intervention of our artists to Poland :) So, promoters and just good people in Poland – don’t miss a chance to invite […]
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