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  • Dunaewsky69 “Endless” – Kvintu’s 11th release is out!

    In continuation of our digital EP series, we present you a totally new work of Dunaewsky69 – Endless. Six months ago Dunaewsky69 went to Krakow to work in a Studio for Electroacoustic music. Among many other things which help to transform musician’s mind, Dunaewsky69 had access to extremely old analogue equipment stored on dusty shelves […]
  • Concert video – Dunaewsky69 in Krakow

    Video streaming by Ustream Here is a video from “Koncert L26” – Dunaewsky69 with Danylo Pertsow. Concert was organized by Marek Choloniewski in Krakow, during Dunaewsky69’s residency in Music Academy. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8530247  
  • KVITNU to WARP – Zavoloka designs Seefeel

    Zavoloka designed cover artwork for Seefeel’s new release “Faults” that comes out on WARP records in September. After nearly 14 years of radio silence Seefeel return with Faults their first recording of all new material since 1996’s (Ch-Vox). This new EP will be released in a “10 vinyl edition. Now with new members Shigeru Ishihara […]
  • v4w.enko + aiuto + .at/on = PACK on Entity

    v4w.enko with aiuto and .at/on made audio-visual work PACK, that is released now on net label Entity. download PACK here: http://www.entity.be/entity/releases/release60.htm and… if you are in Moscow between 10th and 18th of July, you can catch PACK’s presentation by v4w.enko, aiuto and .at/on on Alt+E festival – http://www.altefest.tk/.
  • Sturqen “Peste” – new Kvitnu release!

    Peste means Plague in Portuguese. This is a new work by our industrial techno ascetics from Porto! Six tracks EP with more distorted beats, sharp killing micro “melodies”, and heavy  raw energy of minimal noise aesthetics. Great leap forward and continuation in their music’s thin line and a next step before new full length work. […]
  • New release from v4w.enko on Electroton

    v4w.enko – snd. cat: ton008. format: 3″mini-cdr. release: 11-jun-2010 more info at www.electroton.net
  • Wide-Eyed Contentment..

    …from Hyperactive Robots. Article about Kotra by David MacFadyen in Far From Moscow e-zine: http://www.moscow.ucla.edu/electronic/2010/05/12/kotra/
  • New compilation tracks of Dunaewsky69 and v4w.enko

    Dunaewsky69 released track on compilation “Intelligent Toys: We Make Music” on a net-label Sutemos http://www.sutemos.net/en/player;gid,29 v4w.enko along with Dunaewsky69 did the same, but on another net-storage Section27 http://www.archive.org/details/s27-043WeAreOne-Section27Netlabel All tracks are free for download.
  • 15 questions to Zavoloka…

    … from Tokafi web-zine http://www.tokafi.com/15questions/15-questions-zavoloka/
  • Kotra “Revolt” – new release!

    Our 9th release is finally ready to see the light and hit your ears. Prime explosion of sprightly elements from different times in combination with bizarre oscillations from friendly alchemists.. Something from the past and something from the present. Independence in variety, light’s inside. This is 8th solo work of Kotra. 10 original tracks with […]
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