February, 2008

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  • NowaMuzyka.pl writes about Critikal

    Polish web portal about electronic music NowaMuzyka posted a review for Critikal’s CD. The text is i polish. You can view it here: http://www.nowamuzyka.pl/recenzje.php?id=1202
  • “Graphorrhea” took a prise in big advertisement! :)

    Cover artwork of Critikal “Graphorrhea” has won the 3rd prise in a big competition for design in advertising KAKADU Awards 2008 – http://mmr.net.ua/ Salut to Ruslan Palamarchuk, who did this good work for us!!!
  • Kvitnu releases on AudioSkop web-shop in Poland

    Now we have a new distributor in Poland – AudioSkop – http://sklep.audioskop.net/. In this web-shop you can find also some records of Kvitnu artists from other labels. AudioSkop also organizes a concert with Zavoloka in Warsaw. Date: 16th of March 2008. More info here: http://pracovnia.pl/?id=koncert⊂=zavoloka
  • Video for Zavoloka vs. Katya Chilly

    Track made by Zavoloka with vocals: Katya Chilly, bandura: Roman Grynkiv video by Ivan Tymchenko
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