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  • Connexion Bizarre about Viter

    With “Viter,” Ukrainian experimental electronic artist and designer Zavoloka begins a series of four concept releases dedicated to the traditional four elements of nature. Dedicated to the element of air (the title means “wind” in Ukrainian), “Viter” is the first installment of this tetralogy. Though short in duration (20 minutes), “Viter” is nevertheless a true […]
  • Kvitnu has a birthday and a new CD!

    We have a birthday! We are 1 year old now! And to this date we finally finished our new release of Critikal “Graphorrhea”! Graphorrhea, when utilized in artistic processes, is capable of producing ‘original’ results, especially if certain human-technical decisions help channel the process… Critikal is an international dynamic project comprised of four artists. Each […]
  • Kvitnu CDs on eBay

    We started to sell our stuff on eBay, so if this is interesting for any of you –  wellcome! This is a direct link – http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZkvitnu
  • Zavoloka “Viter” is finally OUT!

    The first in a series of limited edition “Universe elements” releases. Viter is dedicated to the Air. kvitnu 3, CD, cardboard multi-pack, released: 30.11.2007 Music composed and constructed by Zavoloka. Performers: Olga Potramanska on violin, Anton Zhukov on contrabass. Ukrainian traditional vocal by Dania Chekun. Some sounds were recorded at INA-GRM studio on old analogue […]
  • Zavoloka’s track on 12″ vinyl release

    A new track from Zavoloka is out on Surreal Madrid’s 12″ compilation. Download previews: http://www.surrealmadrid.net/releases/sm16/index.html A1 – FLOEX – Petr Parlé,, A2 – MMtm – Chant of the booster B1 – KARAOKE TUNDRA – Kill the neighbours! B2 – ZAVOLOKA – Dzvenity (vocal by Danya) B3 – LUKE WARM – Floatsmoother Distributed by Starcastic / […]
  • Zavoloka “Viter” pre-release

    Few days before we will have a complete new album of Zavoloka “Viter”, we are making a digital pre-release of this CD. You can listen and buy this album in mp3 format here: http://www.klicktrack.com/shop/label/kvitnu
  • Critikal tracks on-line

    We are just few days from a release of new album of Critkal – “Graphorrhea”! You can now preview some tracks from this killer-album here: http://www.myspace.com/critikally
  • Good news from Kotra

    Kotra finally made up his mind and managed to mix a new work. Rythms again. Repetitions again. Less needles, more hummers. Raw cuts. Even guitar, if you could call it that name.. When to be released? We don’t know. We are very low on rescourses nowadays. But we will, we will!
  • Kvitnu on Livejournal

    For those ukrainian users who would like to be updated with our latest news in ukrainian language – we are launching a page on livejournal – http://kvitnu.livejournal.com. On this page we will put news as about label, but also about our artists, concert dates and any related topics. So just go there, friend us and […]
  • Interview with Kotra

    Here Kotra speaks about Kvitnu, Detali Zvuku, Nexsound and other things (text is in ukrainian) http://i-zvuk.livejournal.com/33376.html
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